Nature without nature

One week ago, halfway down to the office I realised that I forgot my headphones. I stood thinking, trying to decide if it's worth going back. It wasn't about the inconvenience of being forced to hear the city noise or eavesdrop on conversations in the language I don't understand, or not being able to wrap myself in the soundproof bubble at the office, later.

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Kevin Rose launches OAK (Free Meditation App)

I 'know' Kevin from the old days. You might not. He was once the internet's poster child. Smart, witty, intelligent, full of great ideas. To me, his major pivot back then was the beloved by many show called Diggnation. If you like technology and never heard of it, then you are for the real treat. Travel 10 years back with most of the episodes available on Youtube.

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'No sugar' month

I made it to be 1st of the month (of November) just to help me count. The first month is the hardest. I know I did it before. The body needs this or more to readjust and rewire. Sugar is terrible. Future generations will laugh at as for sure for consuming it in amounts we do. The acceptable daily dose is in the range of 25g. It's nothing. It is a fraction of what we get in an innocent dessert. 

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Forest of memories

I just found that almost two years old recording of my lonely walk through the forest of my childhood. All those new-old places brought a lot of strange memories that were hard to connect and decipher. It made me realize how bad memory is. We think we remember something but whenever we do, the memory itself changes and it no longer is what it used to be. Places present in memories change to the extent that they are not recognizable. With lack of reference, everything becomes very vague and relative. 

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#partyisover - What's next after Youtube?

Perfect. I waited long enough to let this one go. There was an opportunity and I let it pass me by. Youtube, until recently provided creators with an amazing opportunity to earn money easily (as long as there was a demand for their content). Starting with small few €/$s a month, good few managed to quit their day jobs and establish themselves as home studio talk show hosts. That's what most of the big creators did and do today. 

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Seven Second Delay on WFMU

As I start this blog, one of my favourite radio shows (Seven Second Delay) streams on the internet radio. Sure it also exists as a podcast but listening to it live means so much more. It airs from New Jersey at 6pm from one of the most unusual radio stations on earth (WFMU). I stream it in Berlin as it starts at midnight (local time). 

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