Seven Second Delay on WFMU

As I start this blog, one of my favourite radio shows (Seven Second Delay) streams on the internet radio. Sure it also exists as a podcast but listening to it live means so much more. It airs from New Jersey at 6pm from one of the most unusual radio stations on earth (WFMU). I stream it in Berlin as it starts at midnight (local time). 

Seven Second Delay is a radio show broadcast on radio station WFMU. It has been hosted by Ken Freedman and Andy Breckman since the early 1990s. Will Baum and David Newgarden were Andy’s cohosts of the show previous to Ken but David only did a handful of shows and Will did maybe a dozen at the most. Andy started as host filling in for Chris T’s Aerial View (which would later be on Fridays.) The show is described as “on air radio stunts.” Ken & Andy come up with a typically fairly flimsy concept, normally involving some combination of listeners phoning in and/or prank phone calls, which are comical mostly due to their complete failure.

Sex and Broadcasting - Documentary about WFMU

WFMU is a 'Free Form' radio station that is no stranger to experimentation with format, message and everything else that's left. In the era of radio Djs being replaced by algorithms and commercials, this esoteric organisation deserves both attention appreciation and hopefully support. 

At the time of writing this post, the station runs one of their annual fundraisers that help keep them afloat. Funds also help station manager Ken to renovate his kitchen and buy multiple summer houses and boats. Jokes aside - the station is struggling this year as four other revenue sources have been taken away leaving the future very uncertain. If you are inclined, please consider donating on their website

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