#partyisover - What's next after Youtube?


Perfect. I waited long enough to let this one go. There was an opportunity and I let it pass me by. Youtube, until recently provided creators with an amazing opportunity to earn money easily (as long as there was a demand for their content). Starting with small few €/$s a month, good few managed to quit their day jobs and establish themselves as home studio talk show hosts. That's what most of the big creators did and do today. They try to mimic TV and with overenthusiastic facade present twisted version of reality. Some more ambitious channels also came about and became succesful, but the entire youtube mainstream seemed to follow the strange path of getting views no matter what. 

I was somewhere in the middle. back in 2015 I created my channel with travel videos. Few of my uploads got recognised and became viral (got a few million views per video). I was quite happy with my earnings especially since I wasn't really doing anything to keep this going. Suddenly most of my videos became demonetised. I didn't know why and in fact for few months I ignored that thinking that it is somehow temporary. I could not believe it is the end of youtube bonanza (#partyisover). Even though I wasn't very engaged with my own channel I do feel even less motivated now to keep it growing. Yet, the time happens to be perfect to record new content. It is clear that youtube cannot be trusted. Are there any alternatives? Some say twitch is the next big thing. They are fresh, open-minded. Platform tries to break away from the narrow definition of gaming streaming. It could be it! 

It is quite interesting that live videos get more popular than heavily edited ones. Periscope is definitely the next one to look at. Content there is terrible. But the vibe is fascinating, to say the least. Hosts transmit monologues as if they had no idea anything is taking place. The platform gives the opportunity to jump into random and obscure corners of the planet and see inside of people's apartments and morning commutes. 

Anything else? Nothing comes to mind at the moment but please keep me posted in case I am missing something. for the next few weeks, I will be posting/streaming to each trying to figure things out. Please get in touch if anything catches your attention.