Kevin Rose launches OAK (Free Meditation App)

 Kevin Rose's Meditation app: Oak

Kevin Rose's Meditation app: Oak

I 'know' Kevin from the old days. You might not. He was once the internet's poster child. Smart, witty, intelligent, full of great ideas. To me, his major pivot back then was the beloved by many show called Diggnation. If you like technology and never heard of it, then you are for the real treat. Travel 10 years back with most of the episodes available on Youtube.

Once boys got tired of the show, Kevin Rose moved on to more serious things. He did well with Google, his own company and a few podcasting projects. It seems like he always kept sanity and that signature wise calmness of his. He always felt like a truly friendly public person you want to be connected with somehow. 

Lately he started working on the meditation app called 'Oak' which he finally released yesterday. Currently, it is available only on iOS and is free.

His goal was to blend meditation and technology in a thoughtful way. The social aspect to it is very new and original. 

It will be a great addition to the many other meditation apps you might be using today. I’ve learned through my studies of Zen, Vipassana, and Transcendental Meditation that it’s best to try different methods and choose the one that works best at that moment in time.

From my initial perspective, app is geared to those who just start meditation practice but then once they are engaged with it will still remain useful and nice to use. Next step for the content is a loving-kindness meditation and mantra (similar to Transcendental Meditation).
Oak app uses Health Kit to track your progress and will soon integrate with other sensors such as heart rate monitor. No wonder Kevin likes his Apple Watch so much.

By all means, I do want to get back to meditation and by doing so I will consider this as a very useful utility to get me started and then keep me going. I have heard meditation in the morning is very effective. Built-in reminder will serve the purpose of my new alarm clock.